Delta Air Lines, Inc. DFP Certification Coordinator in Atlanta, Georgia

This is a position for employment at a Delta Air Lines wholly-owned subsidiary, Delta Flight Products; not Delta Air Lines.

Maintain certification procedures and designee records; maintain STC/PMA/MRA files; coordinate FAA and designee communications; perform self-audits and support FAA audits.

  1. Maintain the administrative aspects of the Company's certification procedures, ODA manual, PMA manual and DER/unit member list.

  2. Generate and maintain the master files of Company DER's and ODA unit members. Log training requirements, process training records and regularly communicate certification/ODA information.

  3. Organize and maintain STC, PMA and MRA files.

  4. Provide updates to the certification project list.

  5. Coordinate official communications with the FAA and its designees.

  6. Support certification audits from the FAA. Prepare files, lists, copies and other information.

  7. Assist with responses to inquiries, significant certification issues and airworthiness concerns.

  8. Audit Company compliance to procedures.

  9. Provide cost estimates and task completion schedules.

  10. Practice safety-conscious behaviors in all operational processes and procedures.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.

  2. Six (6) years overall work experience in an administrative support role, minimum three (3) of which directly involved supporting a technical function involving aircraft engineering, manufacturing or quality.

  3. Must possess general knowledge of data pertaining to aircraft engineering, quality and certification, and be familiar with FAA forms and acronyms.

  4. Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented, with effective paperwork auditing skills.

  5. Must have strong computer skills and demonstrate proficiency with MS Office programs.

  6. Must have excellent written communication skills, good verbal communication skills, and present a professional appearance.


  1. Associates or high level college degree.

  2. Experience as an auditor working on aircraft certification projects.